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Ms. Rashmi Malk is MIT (Masters in Information Technology) and has done her B.Ed in English & Natural Science. She has rich experience which is reflected in various profiles handled by her.
1.She started her career as a Software Engineer and Corporate IT Trainer.
2.Later she joined Education Industry and was associated with Bal Bharati Public School, Delhi as Senior faculty (IT) for 12 years.
3.She has also worked as Principal of Taurian World School, Ranchi, Bal Bharati Public School, Bhopal and Delhi International School, Dwarka(Delhi)  before joining Salwan Public School, Gurgaon in August 2017.  She has over 22 yrs experience in education Industry with more than 8 yrs now as Principal.

Some of the awards conferred on her are:
1.Dr Radhakrishnan Memorial Award for education excellence 2012.
2.International School Award for Leadership in International Curriculum design by British Council.
3.Make In India Award 2015.
4.Best In House Training at Skill India Summit 2016 in Delhi for making entire staff digitally enabled to keep up with the young generation.
5.Best usage of ICT in school management Award by LeaderSpeak Magazine in 2016.
6.Best use of social media  in school management by Square Vista (2016)

She is also a formal trainer for Twin Hearts Meditation and Super Brain Yoga associated with world PH Foundation, Phillipine.
She has been working actively for CBSE Sahodaya groups and is in Executive body of Forum of Public School.
She has conducted various workshops as expert and conferences as speaker on Information Technology and Education Industry.


Salwan Public School, are committed to personal excellence of each student by imparting holistic quality education enriched with high moral values in a healthy competitive learning environment. Our Vision is based on innovative learning methodology, an unwavering commitment to academics, continuous improvement and cultivation of life skills.

We want to nurture responsible global citizens who are sensitive to other cultures and people. We encourage our students to respect their environment, develop a social conscience and give something back to society.

The motto ‘Service Before Self’ symbolizes the ability to face challenges and to render selfless service to society, for joy lies in giving and sharing rather than receiving. Our logo, ‘The Rising Sun’ symbolizes the emergence of the light of knowledge, dispelling the darkness of ignorance.


Let’s protect our species……………

The humanity is crumbling due to abuse of nature and human’s inability to look beyond his/her own selfish motives. We are either onlookers or sometimes a part of this destruction without even realizing.  Cleaning the environment  is the main issue which humanity has posed itself in current situation for survival . Let’s remember that the earth has been here for thousands of years before human race came into existence  and will stay for many more thousands to come but it is us who are going to suffer and get destroyed.  How do we stop our self destruction ? The answers lie within but unfortunately looking within is a quality which is lost in most of us. We all point finger on others irrespective of the fact that one pointing finger has other four pointing towards us.
Being in school has always been exciting as it gives lots of hope for everyone regarding the future, but unfortunately the strength we need in the people inside the system is missing most of the time. The first and the foremost task for every  educators today  is to get empowered so as to empower the future citizens of the world. Again the question is how?  The question has very simple answer let’s start cleaning ourselves from within , let’s just observe our thoughts and ensure that only productive and positive ones are produced and not the garbage . Let’s broaden our vision , expanding from Me to Us.  Let’s experiment with ourselves and then show the path to our students. Today the students do not need tips for WHAT to think but they need to be trained on HOW to think about all the aspects of life. The training of positive mindset will lead to positive environment which will transform the surroundings into a better one. That’s exactly each one should have the motive while existing on earth. We all are accountable , we all should be together on this mission. Let’s spread the energy of love, tolerance, peace and happiness as our thoughts convert into actions and actions become our habit. Let’s transform ourselves and our immediate surroundings to transform the nature so that our young generations can live happily and safely for longer time on this immortal earth.



Sector-15, Part-II, Gurugram
Phone : 0124-4886050

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