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Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor had been working as the Managing Director since 2006, took the flagship as Principal, Ajanta Public School, Gurgaon in the year 2014. Since then, he never looked back and is working strenuously to ascend the ladder of success in the educational world. Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor is a dynamic Principal and a visionary too. He is the instructional leader for the students as well as for the teachers. He is extensively knowledgeable and always leads by example. With his innovative approach, multi-faceted personality and qualities he is sure to lead the school community with vision and dedication. Being M.Sc. Computer Science, Masters in Management (UK), B.Ed. and having a Diploma in Entrepreneurship (USA), has empowered him with a diverse and innovative approach as an academic leader. He is a strong believer of "teaching the child and not the subject" which involves experiential learning strategies that foster critical thinking. He emphasizes the incorporation of technology in education, professional development of teachers; pedagogies based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence's, learning styles, physical education in curriculum and school administration related skills. He has also done integrated programs on life skills, mental health, special education, student exchange and various co-curricular activities. He is an outstanding personality with a vision to make the school top most institution and one of the key personality who takes utmost care in the development of all the aspects of the institution. He has vast experience to his credit with over 8 years as an educator and administrator. His untiring zest for life and greater good reaffirms his faith in his profession. While being humble and caring towards the students, as an administrator, he has been firmly result-oriented with a steady vision.


Ajanta Public School “A Dream School” of our Chairman Mr. Ramesh Kapoor and Managing Director & Principal Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor, was established in 1999 and currently runs academic program for grades Pre-Nursery to XII. The Principal of the school, Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor, believes in trying and evolving a child centric methodology of teaching, where the natural creativity and learning capability of students are recognized and nurtured. Ajanta Public School ranked the top 2nd position among the top schools of Gurugram by Digital Learning, 2nd in Social Footprints and 3rd in On-Line Presence among the top schools in Gurugram. APS has also created a benchmark in the purposeful use of technology in school education. APS is ranked at All India 9th position as “New Technology Usage Institution” by the most prestigious Education World Magazine (Grand Jury Award) 2017-18. The British Council has given recognition to the institution by conferring it the ISA Award. Ajanta Public School, being a Microsoft Showcase School, has taken an unprecedented step by integrating Information Communication Technology (ICT) with classroom teaching. Imparting the 21st Century skills to the students is at the heart of all its endeavours. All the classrooms are equipped with firefighting solutions, wi-fi connectivity, PA system and emergency staircases.  The school management emphasizes on the all-round development of a child. Sports has always been the strength of Ajanta and has successfully enabled the students in various sports to scale the heights of the National level. Success, Honour and Achievements are on-going stories for Ajanta Public School in its quest for impeccability.


Ajanta Public School, situated in lush green premises of Sector 31, Gurugram, is a well-established and congenital institution, with excellent infrastructure and latest educational technology. With the all-round progress in varied arenas, the school has been awarded numerable times. The importance of sports and games has become prominent in students’ lives and has shifted the onus on the schools to take a lead in providing this essential component of growing up. Ajanta Public School has widened its horizon in almost every sport and has organized summer camps too, besides having tie-ups with various academies. The sports stars of Ajanta Public School have made a mark not only in the Zonal and the State level but also in the National level.  Trying to be at par with the highlight consistently changing scenario of the technological world, Ajanta Public School has made the best use of the 21st Century technology skills.  It is the first school which has got the recognition of Microsoft Showcase School. Not only does the school take pride on training the staff in the 21st Century Skills like One Note, SWAY, Yammer, etc but also makes sure that the students too make the best use of such technology. The institution has created flip classrooms for the students. Classrooms equipped with Interactive Boards. The teachers focus on one-to-one teaching by teaching through laptops. From time to time, Virtual trips are organized. A virtual Field trip to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization was conducted on 27th April 2017. The trip was a great learning experience for the students of classes VII and VIII and it was hosted by Mr Abdel Rahman Othman Elsayed in Cairo. This Virtual field trip enriched the students regarding the process of dyeing that existed in Egypt thousands of years ago. The student had numerous Skype sessions with the students of schools in other countries, prominent authors and scientists. To exemplify; they had an interaction with UK based expert Charlotte Orba on 12th July 2017 on the topic, ‘Dive into the Classroom with Wise Oceans’. Similarly, they had a skype session with UK based educationist, Justin Miles on the topic ‘The replica of the Earth-Globe’ on 25th April 2017.  The change in educational practice and tools over the last ten years has been truly remarkable. The old dichotomy of traditional face-to-face and distance education is becoming obsolete as more diverse mixed-mode forms of education delivery have emerged. In Ajanta Public School, apart from ‘Thematic’, ‘Learning by doing’ method has been continuously followed.
The following 21st Century best practices have been followed in APS:

(i) Digitalized teaching learning

(a)The school is now a Microsoft Showcase Associate School. The 21st Century technology skills are taught to the students and teachers.
(b) Flipped Classrooms are there to digitalize the teaching and learning. The classrooms have been equipped with smart boards and wi-fi facilities.
(c) e-library facility with varied kinds of e-books has been provided to the students.

(ii) Innovative methods of learning

(a) Collaborative Learning:
The students are allowed to learn through collaboration. Here the teacher is just a facilitator, who helps the students with key points and the major learning is done by the students themselves.
(b)Peer Tutoring:
Learning is best when the students guide each other. Through peer tutoring the students get an incentive to revise a lesson already taught and share their learning with their peers.
(c) Thematics :
In junior classes theme based teaching learning is carried out. A particular theme is taken up for all subjects and based on the experiential learning is provided to the students.  (d)Remedial Classes: For students, who require extra attention, of score better percentage, remedial classes are organized by the various subject in-charges.


Sector-31, Gurgaon
Phone : 0124-2381823, 2381842, 4271789


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