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Rupa Chakravarty is the founder Principal of Suncity World School and a teacher of English.  She is trained for ‘Leadership strategies’ at IIM- Ahmedabad.  She has trained as the IB- Coordinator at Arizona, USA and for Handling of Adolescence in Worcester, USA.   She has incorporated innovative ideas in the school such as the unique methodology encapsulated as an acronym ASK to ASK-U. The school has got the copyright for the 1st Multiple Intelligences learning centre in the world.   She has made paper presentations at various conferences in India and abroad in countries ranging from Turkey, Srilanka, Mauritius, USA, Australia, UAE, Japan and UK.   She was one of the Principals who helped to constitute the handbook and manual for school quality assessment and accreditation - SQAA.   She has been the master trainer for most of the trainings imparted by CBSE and CBSE-international curriculum besides  CCE, FA, Mentoring and monitoring ,SQAA, listening and speaking skills (ASL) .   She has been training Principals and teachers abroad for three years on behalf of CBSE to implement the CBSE international curriculum.   She is on the ‘Core committee’ of reforms being implemented by CBSE. The committees are –  

Open book examination 
Bye laws of CBSE i  

Ideator for- •CBSE-i  •Road safety •NCC •Work education. She has played hockey at the STATE level. She has also represented her school at the district level in athletics and won medals. She has been a much awarded actor ; having also won the prestigious Jaycee’s talent hunt ‘Best actor’ award. She excelled in debating, elocution in school and college. She has won various awards for her work.  Her ultimate aim is to work towards moulding ‘Able and noble’ human beings.  


At SUNCITY SCHOOL, girls and boys learn to live in healthy, co-existing atmosphere learning to mutually respect each other and not discriminate against anyone on the basis of sex, religion, creed or class. Suncity School provides a challenging and supportive environment for the best possible programme of academic and personal development. The school is committed to building the child's confidence and self esteem and offers a strong developmental programme where integrated studies and hands on participation inspire a love of learning and accomplishment. The school also encourages self-discipline, creativity, independence of thought and tenacity of purpose with the understanding that both success and failure are necessary for learning.  The objective of learning in our school is to get the students into a mode of ‘ASK’ which is instigated by ‘CURIOSITY’. Keeping in sync with the acronym of ASK: A-Application, S–Skill, K–Knowledge. The only necessity for learning is curiosity. 


Leadership :
Learning centered leaders follow instructional leadership and they are all variants of practice, commitment and creativity. Instructional leadership does not focus on actual leadership. It idolizes values, beliefs, skills, knowledge but the core practice has its genesis in different models of transformational leadership. The true essence of this form contributes to organizational improvement and student learning besides students well being-mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. VISIONARY The mainstay of this core leadership practice is to define a ‘goal’ based on the VISION of the leader. So a true instructional leader is a VISIONARY. 
The leader inspires and leads new and challenging innovations. CURIOSITY - ASK  Samuel Johnson rightly said, one of the permanent and certain characteristic of a vigorous intellect is curiosity. It is the bounden duty of an effective leader to provide a conducive and supportive surrounding to ignite and enhance a child’s CURIOUS MIND. As a successful leader he/she demonstrates a curiosity that would not be satisfied without personal examination of failure to meet expectations thus an instructional leader addresses the moot ethos of learning-Curiosity and encourages students to learn to ASK. ASK as an acronym defines: application- Learning is embodied and concerned with the human experiences kill - Learning is interactive and social knowledge - Learning is an integrated cognitive process  CONNECTIVITY-Interdisciplinary Most of what people learn occurs outside of school that is the reason we need to focus on TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATION which encompasses learning applied to REAL LIFE. Leaders have a substantial and positive impact on their schools as reforms brought in by them lead to improvements in all aspects of performances of the school-cognitive, affective, strategies and skills. It leads to the CONNECTIVITY of life thus building of a shared vision and provides opportunities for each follower to self-actualize and attain higher standards of development in academics, activities and athletics which are integrated under the aegis of Multiple Intelligences leading to TRANSFORMATIONAL learning.
HUMILITY  The second aspect of this leader’s identity is the endorsement of the fifth stage and highest benchmark of leadership that is HUMILITY. Leadership is first an exploration of oneself-it requires introspection, it demands reflection, it demands the humility to be brutally honest.  This exploration leads to discovery-the responses of introspection helps to identify the basis of our convictions, the depth of our credibility and the strength of character and willingness to lead, but simultaneously the enthusiasm and willingness to follow.
CONCLUSION An amalgamation of VISION, CURIOSITY, CONNECTIVITY and HUMILITY leads to Transformational education. Thus Instructional leadership is an emerging strategy for improved learner achievement through its focus on Transformational education.


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