G.D.Goenka Public School


Mrs. Anuradha Handa, Founder Principal GDGPS, Sector 48, spearheaded the establishment of the school campus and led the way to academic excellence. She is a distinguished educator and administrator. She has a career spanning over 26 years with enriching experiences as Principal of AIS, Sector – 46, Vice-Principal at AIS, Noida and Apeejay School, Saket, and as HOD Physics at Modern School, Vasant Vihar.


Education is the apprenticeship of life. In line with the vision and philosophy of the school, there is a correct blend of traditional and experiential methodology. School provides value based education with new innovations and ideas so that pupils grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware individuals. Activities enhancing multiple intelligence, real world problems and connections, make the classrooms lively and vibrant.  A conducive environment that triggers a love for learning comprises smart classrooms, Internet IT Labs, a complete block of multiple studios for visual & performing arts and a range of indoor and outdoor state of the art sports facilities.


True Purpose of Education
What is the true purpose of Education? It is to help children realize their inner strength and empower them to create their own destiny.  I believe that the future is determined by a deep sense of responsibility embraced by the people living in the present moment. As human beings, we do possess the capacity to take steps to ensure that the future generation remains empowered.  Needless to say, schools play a very important role in conditioning the future generation this way.  The responsibility lies with us educators, to equip the present generation under our care, to rise up and walk. I look at the future with great optimism,  because I know that this task of raising responsible individuals, who understand dependant origination, has already begun. And it is being carried out by institutes whose founders had envisioned the future and had taken proactive steps towards it. Let me reiterate, had the objective of schooling been only to equip students make a living, we would have failed miserably.  Making them future ready is a tough task, but not an impossible one. And it is the balanced approach to education that makes it simpler. In such an approach, curriculum implementation is structured in a manner wherein knowledge about facts is followed by sagacious questioning of these facts, thinking creatively beyond the facts and then debating over their effectiveness in the present scenario. A fine balance of traditional methods of education along with the experiential is maintained. 
Facilitators that understand their responsibility well and who are committed on fostering the generation that is going to live through the 21st century, are digging into their own creativity and coming up with unique programs that focus on skill development. Children under their care are taught to process, parse, and use information correctly. The result is that we are able to raise empowered individuals who believe in sustainable development. A school is like a rainbow of children, each with a different ability, coming together to form a whole. When the warm nurturing sunlight strikes the tiny droplets that are our children, different colors like that of the rainbow appear. However, just as without rain there can be no rainbow, without rigor and training there can be no growth. Giving children the confidence to spread their wings and fly into the future requires training both on the part of those imparting and those receiving it. Every child is a storehouse of hidden potential waiting to be explored As in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “To do at any cost what one ought to do constitutes a vow. It becomes a bulwark of strength.”.  Our children are going to steer humanity on the path of sustainable growth and development, for they are being given wings of knowledge and wisdom, to fly into the future with a flexible spirit that adjusts to the need of the new age. Isn’t that most reassuring!

Contact Details
Block A, Vipul World Sector 48, Gurugram
9818800801; school@gdgoenka-gurgaon.com

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