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Ms. Guneet Ohri is a professional in Education with over  27 years of experience in academics and administrative assignments in schools of high repute. Her schooling is from Convent of Jesus and Mary Dehradun and post Graduation from Punjab University Chandigarh. Ridge Valley School is run by the DLF Qutub Education Trust and managed by Universal Learn Today the education division of India Today promoters of Vasant Valley School . 


At Ridge Valley School, every child is nurtured with care. A thoughtfully designed school environment helps the child develop and grow. All aspects of his/her development - cerebral, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical - are given equal attention to, so that the child becomes a self-motivated learner. At the same time, such holistic development adequately prepares him/her for the future.    Ridge Valley School implements the Learn Today curriculum, which is well-researched and judiciously created to cater to the differentiated needs of every individual child. 


What matters most at RVS   ‘Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the Environment – Dr Maria Montessori ‘ For students to feel comfortable, safe and engaged, one of the prerequisites among others is the Classroom environment. It is something that all students deserve. At Ridge Valley we make an effort to ensure that the classrooms are spaces where focus is placed on various aspects of a positive learning environment. Here the students are encouraged to actively participate in decisions like creating their essential agreements or in other words class norms such as discipline policy, roster of duties on rotation  and arranging their own seating to name a few. Collaboration and group work are assessed alongside individual effort  Seating arrangement in the classroom is another area where in the formative ages, extreme care is taken to create a dynamic setup where instead of row seating, group seating, sitting on the carpet, sitting in pairs is encouraged. Displaying student art work in the classroom on the walls gives them a great sense of achievement and comfort. We implement learning activities that help increase student engagement behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively, thereby positively affecting student learning and achievement. In this area our specialized pastoral care works wonders with the students as it entails-one on one interaction and giving emotional support, encouragement and honest feedback.  Exposure to activities like STEM through Robotics, Life skills programme, Ultimate Frisbee, Adaptive online learning Math programme and Cambridge assessments are some of the learning engagements that the school offers to help create an energized environment of happy and eager learners For us learning is a ‘for life process’. ‘We lay great emphasis on ‘Material knowledge’ rather than ‘Performance knowledge’ says the Principal Ms Guneet Ohri , ‘ all the while, keeping in mind the requirements of the CBSE Board to which the school is affiliated’.     


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