Blue Bells Model School, Sec-04


A true Leo in Sunsign and spirit, Mrs. C. Dhawan is known to be an administrator par excellence. Under her dynamic leadership, the school has traversed unchartered territories. A number of programmes and activities have been introduced in Academic, Literary, Cultural and Co-scholastic spheres. During her tenure the school was accredited with ISA by the British Council for keeping education at par with global standards. Her farsightedness has kept the school at pace with 21st Century education, be it technology, educational strategies or exposure to students and teachers. 


Blue Bells Model School is a dynamic and progressive institution of Gurgaon, which has opened new vistas in the field of education. The thirty six glorious years of this institution are a saga of its commitment to provide quality education to the students over the years. It has stood steadfast to its commitment aiming at the all round development of their personality by imparting comprehensive modern education. 
Vision to build on our years of experience and our rich repository of human resource; to constantly integrate the emergent best practices of education into our system; to stay amongst the best schools and spread it to other geographical locations.
Mission to contribute to cognitive, emotional and physical development of children, to help them positively integrate with the professional & social environment as balanced individuals. To facilitate them to excel in an area of their interest and choice and have a fulfilling life. 


PHONE NO: 0124-4698888

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