Suncity School


At SUNCITY SCHOOL, girls and boys learn to live in healthy, co-existing atmosphere learning to mutually respect each other and not discriminate against anyone on the basis of sex, religion, creed or class. Suncity School provides a challenging and supportive environment for the best possible programme of academic and personal development. The school is committed to building the child's confidence and self esteem and offers a strong developmental programme where integrated studies and hands on participation inspire a love of learning and accomplishment. The school also encourages self-discipline, creativity, independence of thought and tenacity of purpose with the understanding that both success and failure are necessary for learning.  The objective of learning in our school is to get the students into a mode of ‘ASK’ which is instigated by ‘CURIOSITY’. Keeping in sync with the acronym of ASK: A-Application, S–Skill, K–Knowledge. The only necessity for learning is curiosity. 


Suncity World School
Suncity Township, Sector-54, Gurugram


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