Sherwood Convent School


Mrs. Kanchan originally hails from Jaipur and comes from defence background.  She has over 25 years of experience in the field of education with M.Ed and Master's degree in English Literature.  This long experience has enriched her with deep understanding of the needs of the children of all ages.  Her emotional intelligence, a right blend of  approach for discipline  and compassion has resulted in creating a healthy environment in the school in which everyone flourishes.


Sherwood Convent School is a vision envisaged and accomplished by its founder chairman Late Mr. M.L. Malik in 1993.  Affiliated to CBSE the school is located in DLF Phase 2. With ‘Learn to Rise’ being its motto, the school has been moulding young minds into confident, sensitive, well integrated young adults equipped with the life skills necessary to take on the challenges of the competitive world. The school’s mission is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in them.  Sherwood School recognizes that each child is an individual, all children are creative and all children need to succeed.  For this the school provides a safe secure and conducive environment in which children learn to respect one another and can dare to dream.


Bridge that gap……….  I do not understand this child... this child is built to my design yet what he loves I cannot share…   These lines from this beautiful poem  in class xi English text book where a father laments that he has failed to understand his child aptly describe the agony of today’s parents. This chasm between parents and children has widened multifold in recent times because of technical advancement. The world is getting advanced on daily basis and parents need to understand that. There may be less problem of this gap for the future parents but parents of present time feel the heat of change more because of their inability to cope up with fast changing world.   I get to meet many parents because of the position I hold. Many a times it has been observed that there is a lack of communication between parents and children that’s why they are not aware of the problems their children are facing or the reason why their children are not able to cope with studies.
The misunderstanding occurs when parents fail to keep abreast with the change and try to assess any situation comparing it with their time and not in present/modern context. It is very important for parents to handle any situation keeping in mind the present time. Even more important is to understand that no two individual are same. We all might be staying under same roof but we all are different individuals. Sooner the parents understand that their children have their own individuality and mind better the relationship will be.  Having said that, it does not mean that you can’t say no to your children or can’t point them out, you certainly can but deal it with maturity. Parents need to understand that pointing at their mistake should be done carefully as according to your children, it may not be a mistake at all.
So there is need to communicate and discuss things rather than pointing out bluntly. . And this is not just limited to parents sometimes even teachers fail to communicate with their students. Parents, teachers must give ears to their children and develop trust in them. And that trust can be won by listening to them by taking interest in what they want to convey and not just by using your authority unreasonably.  If once you listen to them without overreacting even if they are wrong you will develop trust in them. Once that gap is bridged, other problems will be sorted out automatically.  For the youngsters I don’t want to be very preachy but want to convey to them to come up when upset or in trouble after all their parents love them the most.   And do respect your teachers and see how you get that respect back. So put forth your hands parents, teachers and students to bridge the gap. Yes do check before that to see that your hands are not empty...:)


L-Block, DLF Phase-II, Gurgaon


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  3. Thank you very much for your valuable information. can you help me in finding out more detail on convent school in gurgaon