Shiv Nadar School


Monica Sagar, has helped bring the Shiv Nadar School to be spoken about in the same breath as the top schools in the country. She was formerly the Vice Principal at The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon, where she had been served since 1997. Before adopting the mantle of Vice Principal, she had served as the Head of Department for IBDP and ISC/ICSE Economics, a subject she has been passionate about since her days as a student at Punjab University. It is there that she completed her Bachelors and Masters degree from, achieving first division in both and a gold medal for the latter. She enjoys reading, being updated about the latest educational practices and engaging with children of all ages.


The Shiv Nadar Schools, the term "school" has a different meaning for us. The word originally comes from the Greek language and means "leisure"- leisure time activities, especially involving philosophical discussions during the time of Socrates and Plato. In this spirit the school for us is a Sensitive(S) and Child-centric(C) environment fostering Critical enquiry, which is like a 'Home(H)' away from home, where the children develop a love for Life-long learning(L) through Observation(O) and experience to be Outstanding(O) human beings. We expect our children to grow up to be responsible global citizens who will grow strong and resilient yet be pliable in the changing fortunes of time like the lotus flower.  Learning at Shiv Nadar School is experiential at all levels and stress is on collaborative learning, at each stage of the student's life- in the pre-primary, primary and senior levels. Shiv Nadar School believes in the community approach and parents are called upon to contribute to the growth and development of the child.  Our core values define everything that we do. These are imbibed by our staff through an intensive induction programme and a continuous orientation towards them in their day-to-day activities. These core values of integrity and loyalty, commitment to excellence, openness and transparency, life-long learning, respect and compassion and a sense of responsibility and purpose towards our community guide our actions at school.  Our endeavour is to create global citizens who are agents of change. A style of leadership that evolves through a love for fellow-beings and is action-oriented, by walking the talk towards an inspiring passion for excellence. We encourage students from diverse cultural, religious and economic backgrounds and offer them a rich and rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum designed to inspire creativity and critical enquiry.



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