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Mrs. Nirmal Yadav is a science post graduate and founder Principal of C C A School with teaching experience of over 30 years of convents and KV’s too.  She has been participating in lectures, debates, seminars and workshops and Guest of Honour at book reviews, plays, poetic sessions and cultural events. She conducts teacher enhancement and empowerment workshops of CBSE Schools in NCR.  She herself is a fine orator and is deeply interested in music, poetry, plays and fine arts.   She writes on topics of child development and good parenting and counselling of adolescents.  She has been the Secretary of Gurgaon Sahodaya cum GPSC and later the Chairperson GPSC for three years from 2012 to 2015.  During her tenure, the National Sahodaya of CBSE and ACER International Conferences were also held at Gurgaon successfully. 


Colonel's Central Academy (CCA School) was established on 27th  March, 1981. The school is run by Scientific Educational Advancement Society (SEAS), under the able and dynamic Chairmanship of founder Chairman Col. Kr. Pratap Singh.   The school is affiliated to CBSE and has shown  100% Board Result consistently.  It offers education at +2 level Science (medical & non-medical) and commerce streams.  Ably led by renowned educationist Mrs. Nirmal Yadav as the Principal, the school staff of 77+ team consists of dedicated and well trained graduates, post-graduates and Doctorates, in addition to qualified computer, music, art and sports teachers.  The school boasts of excellent Science, Computer and audio-visual labs.  We are pioneers in introducing cutting edge technology for our students, be it starting with Smart Classes or introducing teaching through 3-D Software.  The school also boasts of a 3-D Printer, in order to bring the latest technology to our students.  CCA has ranked amongst top 100 schools of India thrice in a row, on the basis of CBSE Class XII Results.  


EDUCATION & LITERACY  The land of Gurukuls, Ashrams and Universities like Nalanda and Pataliputra has come to such a pass that as per world reports on education in schools, we are amongst the bottom two or three countries as regards Mathematics and reading standards. We need to introspect as after Independence, we laid more stress on literacy than education.  Six decades ago, attaining minimum literacy levels was essential but along the way our goal should have been restructured and redefined.  With a single minded focus on literacy we sacrificed quality for quantity.  Whatever progress India has achieved is because of efforts and brilliance of 20% of the population who can be called islands of excellence.  Quality and excellence has to spread all across the length and breadth of the country touching every sector of society.  The benchmark has to be raised and soon.  Complacency, corruption, Chalta-Hai attitude and resigning to one’s fate has to stop.  We have to infuse nationalistic spirit and a strong civic sense coupled with responsibility. 
Education today needs to combine high values with firm discipline, yet retain an all pervading air of openness and approachability to  allow freedom to the youth to develop unhindered and turning them into achievers who can be called world citizens. We understand that today’s youth are to be the agents of change and progress – the thinkers, planners and leaders of society, therefore the need of the hour is to equip them with life skills that enable them to be worthy world citizens of tomorrow.  In this era of globalization, contemporary education has to combine today’s teaching to meet tomorrow’s needs.  Today, we have moved ahead from an information seeking to a knowledge based society that requires life long learning coupled with an inquisitive, mind.  Every child is precious and deserves to get the best opportunities.  
At the same time - hard work, perseverance and a sense of responsibility is expected.  Rights come with responsibilities.  The world is surging forward and change is happening faster as compared to earlier decades or centuries.  Flow of knowledge and growth of technology has changed conventional teaching-learning styles and the way we work.  You need to acquire knowledge as fast as you can and as much as you can.  In other words – Work Smart.  Success depends upon the ability to take right decisions, find solutions, show leadership in accepting challenges and emotional stability. Environmental degradation, pollution, population, violence – everything has multiplied manifold, thus putting a great onus of responsibility on each one of us to care for our Earth as well as learn to live together in a world free from violence, a world of harmony and peace.  There has to be a complete paradigm shift with all stakeholders putting their heads together to find solutions that would lead to qualitative personal and National growth.


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