Gone are the days when education was limited to the four walls of the classroom and to the teacher and the student. It is now a collaborative machinery involving many stakeholders– student, teacher, parents, management and the immediate environment. The focus now is on capacity building of individuals and vocationalization of education to help nurture future –ready, independent individuals who would contribute to the society at large. 
The CBSE Sahodaya School Complexes (Gurgaon Chapter) is a voluntary association of schools that has come together to create a platform to share ideas and best practices in the fields of Education Management, Value-Oriented School Climate, Professional Growth of Teachers, Effective Evaluation System and Human Resource Mobilization. It is an endeavor to achieve excellence in education to keepin sync with the new world order.
The member schools of the Gurgaon Chapter aim at imbibing and implementing future trends in making education child-centric rather than text-book centric; in ensuring the development of EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Social Quotient) along with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of students and equipping teachers to be catalysts for the same.
The E-Magazine The Educationists’Perspective is a forum for educators and educationists to share their insights on issues related to the field of education, latest trends and technology and other available resources to empower teachers and learners to steer towards a brighter future.

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